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Welcome to I am a high jumping, volleyballing, software developing Middlesbrough FC supporting web developer!

I originally made this site as a landing page for a number of projects that I was working on at the time. I'm now developing it in to a full fledged site that will contain information about my projects and why I created them, also a little bit about myself, allowing you to get to know me if you don't already and attain an insight to my lifestyle!

Take your shoes off and make yourself at home!

My Profile

Web Developer
I am currently hired as an ASP.Net Web Developer.

Recently expanding my design skills to get them up to scratch.

I love learning new things, I'm currently working on a number of iOS projects for the iPhone and iPad.
Software Engineer
I studied Software Engineering at university and attained a 1st class honours degree.

Latest Projects

  • Yahtzee game written in silverlight
  • Final Year Project

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